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When you create a Life Plan with Dream Life Consulting, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are in a trusted, safe pair of hands. Led by Gerri Moore, Dream Life Consulting combines a wealth of expertise in health, education and property, as well as strong connections with financial specialists. Gerri is highly experienced in producing assessments and creating life plans to help people set clear goals and achievable actions.

“My vision is to ensure that everyone has access to the best advice and support possible when formulating life and retirement plans. In the past, I worked as a trained nurse for over 35 years; I have witnessed first-hand how both good health and poor health can impact people’s lives and their families, positively and negatively.

I also have experience in education and the property industry, which gives me a unique combination of skills and experience. As a result, I am very well placed to assess your needs and offer suitable advice.

I have a large network of professionals working on tap in complementary fields to offer you the best advice and support possible. By working in close collaboration with specialist partners, your needs are always taken care of, giving you full peace of mind. My aim is to help you enjoy your life both now and in the future.”
Gerri Moore, Director

If you would like to discuss your current situation to see whether a Life Plan and support can help you achieve your future dreams, then please get in touch.

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