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Planning For Your Health

Nowadays, it is well documented that we are living longer. Therefore, as a nation, there is an increasing strain on the health service, social services and state pensions. If we want to live a healthier, longer life, it is more important than ever that each one of us focuses on taking care of our own needs.

The NHS is under extreme pressure and resources are both scarce and in high demand. What can you do to look after your own health needs now to ensure a longer, healthier life in the future?

When did you last need to visit the GP? How long did you wait for an appointment and what treatment did you receive? Was there an alternative health professional that could have better served your needs? Our founder, Gerri Moore, is a trained nurse, which gives her the ability to assess your situation and the best course of action, as well as helping you make a referral, saving you time and worry.

We work with partners in complementary health fields including, hypnotherapy, gut health, weight management and reducing sugar intake – these are all proven areas when it comes to improving your health and wellbeing. Your health is valuable and needs looking after - by increasing your energy levels and reducing the risks or effects of illness, you will be able to enjoy any interests and hobbies.

Do you need advice on creating a plan to manage health challenges? Make positive changes, so you and your family can experience a better quality of life - please get in touch.

Planning For Your Future Wealth and Security

No matter what stage of your life you are at, your income and savings are an important factor when you need to pay the bills and enjoy your lifestyle. Do you currently contribute to a pension scheme? Do you have other savings or investments that you will use to fund your life, when you give up work or reduce your working hours? It is vital that investments are reviewed regularly by professionals who are competent and fully trained.

We work with you to give you the confidence that your finances are working effectively for you. Our aim is to help you grow your savings, so you can make better choices in the future. We work collaboratively with trusted finance professionals to assess your needs, so we can offer you the right advice and support.

Have you ever been made redundant or moved employment and, as a result, have a frozen final salary pension? If so, you will need immediate advice and support to assess whether this pension is working the best for you.

If you watch the news or read the daily papers, you will be well aware of people losing their lives unexpectedly. While we don’t want to think about this happening to us, it is vital that we all make time to discuss how we would like our assets to be divided, and how we can ensure that our families and children will be looked after, when we pass away. Life can be complicated; people marrying more than once and a rise in blended families can lead to disinheritance issues. If this relates to you, it is important to seek professional advice before making big decisions.

If you die without a will, your wishes may not be respected, and you might even leave your family having to face severe financial problems. What’s holding you back from getting a will or having a current will reviewed to check it is fit for purpose? Once your will has been updated, you can get on with enjoying life and your relationships with confidence and full peace of mind.

If you would like to create a financial plan for the future and need advice on wills, pensions, or savings, please get in touch.

Property Planning and Investing

In the United Kingdom, there is a great emphasis placed on home ownership and getting onto the property ladder. Sometimes, people are left a share of a property in a will - while this can be a great opportunity for your future, it is important to get the right advice before you make decisions.

  • Do you have savings that you are intending to use as a deposit to buy a home?
  • Have you currently moved from a fixed rate mortgage to a variable rate?
  • Would you like to buy a second home for investment?
  • Do you worry about a relative who may need to go into care, or is considering downsizing and you are concerned about having to sell a property to pay for care home fees?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need advice from a financial expert. We can give you access to professional advice best suited to your needs and someone who has access to a wide range of lenders. Take time to explore your options; our trusted partners are ready to talk to you right now, so that you and your relatives can make informed decisions.

An important tip: you often get better rates by going through an advisor rather than going directly to a bank or building society. We work in collaboration with financial advisers, who are ready to meet with you and can provide the most suitable advice possible.

When it comes to assessing the value of a property for sale or rental, start by organising a free, no obligation valuation with a local estate agent. We have over 10 years’ experience in selling and renting homes - you can book an appointment online at www.hunters.com.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the professional help you need. If you are looking to move house, downsize, sell a relative’s home, or you’re interested in property investment, please get in touch.

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